Someday Baby

Someday baby
It’ll be you and me
We’ll be together
when it’s meant to be

You do what you have to
I’ll wait for you here
yeah we’ll be together
some day some year

you know I want you
your eyes said the same
those passionate kisses
were so hard to restrain

I know it ain’t easy
I know that you’re scared
I don’t have the answers
made up and prepared

Someday when you can, love
join me here in the sun
Build a new world together
of romance and some fun

I promise you passion
all my heart and my soul
they’re yours to keep dear
they’re yours to control

Just say that you love me
leave the rest up to fate
Tell me that you miss me
and I’ll patiently wait

I ache just to hold you
in my arms for all time
Together at last love
some day when you’re mine


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