My Son

Sitting here next to me now
Is the hardest thing you’ve ever done
If I could change it all somehow
You know I would my son

This caught us both off guard
And although it don’t seem right
You know that I fought long and hard
But I’m gonna lose this fight

Not all in life is always fair
And the good don’t always win
Sometimes it seems out of thin air
The bad just sucks you in

You’re too young to have to see
Your father slowly fade away
I hope when you remember me
That you forget today

Instead think of the times we had
Scouts camping in the wood
I did my best to be your Dad
And raise you to be good

Now I’m so proud of you my son
I hope you will always know
That you mean the world to me
And how much I love you so

I wish we didn’t have to go through this
And there was no need for goodbye
Or I could at least give you one more kiss
And you wouldn’t have to cry

But in the end I’m so tired now
And all my strength is gone
So you’ll have to be strong somehow
And do your best to carry on

Hold these words close to your heart
My son, forever they are true
Should your eyes fill up with tears
And you’re feeling sad and blue
Remember that you’re all of me
And I’m a part of you

© 2009 Zawacki
Written for Timothy Mc Cuen
September 7, 2009 in loving memory of his father, Tim Mc Cuen

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  1. broken angels says:

    Maybe the most interesting thing I read this week 😛

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