Wandering Minstrel

Sometimes late in the night
I wake up trembling like stage fright
so bad I have to look for a light
and see just where I am

So far away and so alone
from all that I have loved or known
impossible to ever come back home
now I’m without a friend

These streets I wander look the same
like faceless people I can’t name
and I only have myself to blame
if this is a dead end

A meandering minstrel vagabond
trying to just stay warm and dry
Peddling songs I pull out from my boots
for pennies from the passers by
Some people they only see the bum
they can’t seem to see the man
If they only knew how close we are
I wonder if they’d understand

The rain blows cold the wind is hard
against my skin and this guitar
In my head I wonder how you are
if your heart’s gonna mend

Me I’m too old to hurt this bad
I’m sorry that I made you sad
But sadder that you were never glad
to have me as your own

I tried my best I must confess
I failed I know to pass the test
and in the end just made a big mess
from which I can’t atone

Now I’m just another vagabond
homesick without a home
Playing songs I’ve torn out from my heart
now I’m homeless so I roam
You throw your change away at me
think I’m just a worthless bum
But someday if fate turns on you
who knows what your life will become

Tears often flow till I cant see
like rain it soaks the heart of me
The pain aches so bad I can’t breathe
I close my eyes and sigh

Still I wish I could comfort you
that there’s something I could do
to take back the lies and make them true
but you can’t live a lie

Impossible, so I’ll just move on
and one day you will hear my song
Smile for the man who did not belong
but please don’t start to cry

For the homeless wandering bum
is not the man you once knew
and when he ran out of his old songs
he did the best that he could do
and if you listen to the wind
you’ll still hear his music there
But when it’s time for the curtain call
we all must disappear

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