Among the Tattooed Stars

snow white canvas of my playful muse
is adorned with shooting star tattoos
up across her abs to reach her back
in vibrant colors of blue and black

along their paths my fingers trace
then pull her close in soft embrace
as hands wrap tight around her waist
slow kisses linger for a taste

of those honeyed lips that lure me in
against perfect alabaster skin
this bantam babe with face so fair
green sparkling eyes, blonde wavy hair

sweet voice stolen from an angels choir
unchains the beast of loves desire
dancing to her haunting melodies
she brings the savage to his knees

with her touch his blood begins to roar
like pulsing tide and breaking shores
until his heart near bursts apart
and from frantic beating aches

to hold and love her for all time
perhaps one day she will be mine
then my lost soul can be made whole
among the tattooed stars she makes


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