Seashells and the Stars

I love you, goodbye.
Please don't watch me cry.
Sit beside me,
while I rest my eyes.

Hold your hand in mine.
Peace is what I find,
when you're so near
and I just drift away.

Heart beats as it slows.
Your heart already knows.
When mine stops,
yours will carry on.

Close your eyes and breathe.
Warm tears fall as you grieve.
As this moment,
fades into eternity.

All that I would wish,
is for one last hug and kiss.
Else, turn back this 
unkind clock of fate.

Sweet memories of our past.
They linger, but they don't last.
Brief, like small footprints,
in the sands of time.

The ache you feel inside.
Countless tears you've cried.
Those sleepless nights,
that turn into lonely days.

Don't despair in grief.
I did not really leave.
Though you can't see me,
I am beside you still.

Close your eyes again.
Slowly breathe me in.
Feel me here love,
I'm beating in your heart

Our love will always be,
like seashells in the sea.
Endless, though sometimes 
hard to find.

I'm never far from you
in all the things you do.
And in each breath,
and every time you smile.

So when you think of me
and how we used to be.
Take comfort, that
someday, will be again.

In the darkness of the night,
quiet stars twinkle light.
They shine for you, dear
though they are so far away.

Our love is just the same
and till we meet again.
Hold the stars dear,
and do not curse the dark.

I love you, is not goodbye.
Please don't grieve or cry.
Hold me close dear,
forever in your heart.

© 2019  Zawacki For Sandra Lentner


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