I’m Not Alright

Please stop calling me
it’s okay, I’m not alright
But I’ll get by each day
and I’ll make it through the night

I’m not okay
but yeah, it’s alright
Perhaps someday
I will again feel the light

of your sweet heart
shining down on me
until then my friend
I have to let you be

Be happy
please be free
to live your life and dreams
the way you think your life should be

Then I’ll be okay
and I won’t fall apart
and maybe one day
you’ll return my heart

till then who knows
oh who can say
oh who can say
I’ll be okay


One Response to “I’m Not Alright”

  1. Diane says:

    Ok, you say you will be ok, well you have to be, there is only you down there to take care of you. The job is a royal pain but maybe the disappointment you feel with those people will keep your mind off some of the pain you are feeling with your loss.

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