Going to Chicago

Going to Chicago
’cause I got to say goodbye
Yeah I’m going to Chicago
Girl I got to say goodbye

Well it breaks my heart so bad
On the plane I had to cry

Looking out my window
Watch the sun break the sky
Yeah I’m looking out the window
Watch the sun breaking the sky

These clouds are dark and sad
As they slowly roll on by

I’ll always love Chicago
Guess I’ll never learn
You know I’ll always love Chicago
But I guess I’ll never learn

She stole my heart there
years ago
Now I’m too old
to return

So goodbye my darling
I’ve got to let you go
Oh goodbye my sweet darling
I have to walk away and let you go

You can dream of someday
but in your heart you already know

for Pamela

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2 Responses to “Going to Chicago”

  1. Diane says:

    I really don’t know how you got yourself to a point where you could board the plane knowing the end result.

  2. Zwack says:

    I had to see her again, even though I knew it would be for the last time. As much as it ripped my heart out to go, I’m glad I went. Seeing her on her birthday was simply amazing. My only regret was in respecting her situation and not stealing that one last kiss. She was completely radiant and I wanted to hold her and never let her go. Honestly it took everything I had in me to say goodbye. I wished and wished that she would have looked at me over lunch and said “I know in my heart that you’re right and all I want to do is go away with you, lets go to the airport ;)” and then kissed me but it is just not meant to happen in this life. My heart aches and it will never ever go away.

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