thoughts of you
cascading hair
those sparkling eyes
and piercing stare

your impish smile
stole like a thief
into my heart
it set me free

free to dream
it leaps and soars
into the heavens
my love is yours

on beating wings
it climbs and flies
a blood red bird
in deep blue skies

till clouds and time
are meaningless
my thoughts turn now
to our last kiss

was all too brief
but oh so sweet
when your soft lips
and mine did meet

we held so close
I breathed you in
your touch, your scent
against my skin

I felt your heart
press to my own
it’s rhythmic sigh
a gentle moan

whisper soft
that moment played
10,000 love songs

awakened now
can scarce control
this growing fire
burns through our soul

passion restrained
in this embrace
we know the truth
that we must face

I can’t stay here
you can’t leave
your heart doesn’t
belong to me

so off I flew
to Santa Cruz
without my heart
without my muse

in Chicago
they will stay
safe with my love
until someday

when she comes
to be with me
my only love
that sets me free


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  1. Julienne Shy says:

    Very nice blog! Bookmarked 🙂

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