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My Sun

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

she is my sun
with just a smile
dark clouds fade away

my golden one
in her long hair
sunbeams softly play

she radiates
fierce fiery passion
hidden down deep within

my blazing sun
green sparkling eyes
shine with her sexy grin

she brings me joy
bright shooting star
she paints my skies all blue

from Illinois
sweet child of light
no limits to what she can do

the stars and moon
can not compete with
the light she shines on me

her touch is gentle
like a butterfly’s wing
her sweet laughter sets me free

when she smiles
it warms my heart
gives me those butterflies

this stunning babe
she stole my love
but just doesn’t realize

how much I ache
to hold her close
when the day grows dark

then wake to find
her still beside me
in dawns gentle spark

until that day
its just a dream
and that’s all that I can do

but when that wish
does finally come
my dreams will all come true