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Among the Tattooed Stars

Friday, January 15th, 2010

snow white canvas of my playful muse
is adorned with shooting star tattoos
up across her abs to reach her back
in vibrant colors of blue and black

along their paths my fingers trace
then pull her close in soft embrace
as hands wrap tight around her waist
slow kisses linger for a taste

of those honeyed lips that lure me in
against perfect alabaster skin
this bantam babe with face so fair
green sparkling eyes, blonde wavy hair

sweet voice stolen from an angels choir
unchains the beast of loves desire
dancing to her haunting melodies
she brings the savage to his knees

with her touch his blood begins to roar
like pulsing tide and breaking shores
until his heart near bursts apart
and from frantic beating aches

to hold and love her for all time
perhaps one day she will be mine
then my lost soul can be made whole
among the tattooed stars she makes

Winters Cold

Monday, January 11th, 2010

I woke up today to a cold morning sun
sleeping beneath his blustery cloud covers
Pulled my blanket up closer for a moment
closed my eyes and imagined us as lovers

We laid there in the pillows head to head
Indifferent to unforgiving weather
Embraced, entangled naked in my soft warm bed
with our arms and legs locked fast together

I know it’s just a dream I dream alone
and you can’t say how you feel about me
You’re afraid when all is said and done
that our love was just never meant to be

Coffee broke the moment and it was gone
Moving back my curtain I saw the cold
as winters hand stretched across my lawn
I shook the sleeping sadness that took hold

Once outside I could feel the bitter wind
begin to undress me with its cruel eyes
Then remembered the heat of your warm skin
as it pressed against me from deep inside

I know it’s just a dream I dream alone
and you can’t say how you feel about me
You’re afraid when all is said and done
that our love was just never meant to be

Thoughts of you and hot waves course through my blood
I can almost taste the sweetness of your lips
These memories wash over me like a flood
Now I close my eyes to feel your fingertips

Touching my face you touch every thing that I am
Look at me and our passion flares again
You stir these feelings hard on this winters day
It’s been so very long and you’re so far away

We’re much older now and we know the truth
The love we had once is gone, lost to our youth
Though there’s no way to turn back the hands of time
when I was yours, you were my sweet baby mine

But I believe that we are not too old yet
and from hope does our love indeed eternal spring
Our hearts and souls may dance madly to this duet
If we choose to let life come with what love brings

I know it’s only a dream I dream alone
but I wish that it was one you wanted too
Our love is the truest that I’ve ever known
And all it needs is just a little faith from you

This Dream

Friday, January 8th, 2010

I am the storm, you are the sea
your waves crash in the heart of me
together we can bring the rain
to quench our thirst, begin again

lightning sparks, two souls unite
unbridled passion burning bright
the air is filled with crackling heat
you can taste the bittersweet

this rain of tears with winds of pain
tear though the years, renewed again
perfect tempest this time around
with strength anew, love does rebound

as raindrops fall, winds fury grows
two souls fill up and overflow
unleashed the wind breathes hot sighs
and booming clouds sweep ‘cross the skies

your cooling oceans softly swirls
small circles round those golden curls
with pools of liquid fingertips
that part your sweet and tender lips

we cause your shore to pulse and quake
’till earth itself begins to shake
my thunder roars to meet your tide
in whose water sacred secrets hide

my gentle breezes moan and kiss
caresses play upon our bliss
crashing throbbing waves swell high
surrendering all ground and sky

we catch our breath in an embrace
your warm wet mist upon my face
against the rocks our love laid bare
tossed to the shore we linger there

the raging storm has quelled at last
sea fast asleep, this dream has passed
I am the wind, you are the sea
our love the storm that’s meant to be