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Lord Of The Rings, Hunter’s Blessing

Friday, March 14th, 2008

May your arrows be pointy,
their fletching be true
May they stick in to the mobs
and not in to you

May your aim be with focus
and your shots be all crits
May your traps hold with force
and your snares give them fits

May your quarry be feared
away from your healer
May your merciful shot
end the life on that squealer

May the days of the Hunter
return to its old charms
May your solo play fun
match your fellows in arms

May your prowess in melee
no longer cause foes to grin
May they find out the hard way
you’re no easy win

May Eru Ilúvatar give blessing
to your bow and your armor
May you thump evil hard enough
to kill all the gold farmers

Until that day comes when we’ve killed off
all those evil Bree spammers
The hunters will be there, pew pewing
in their elven pajammers

an original toast written by
SwiftBow, Landroval Hunter
March 14, 2008
2008 ©Zawacki