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Happy Birthday Mom

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

The rain and bitter winds
come tearing down again
whistling through the leaves and trees

You’ve left me for good
and November’s no friend
with it’s happy memories

In the back of my mind
I hear you call my name
But will never see your face

Two years have flown by
though every day is the same
with nothing in its place

Night falls hard
Sleep a bitter pill
dreams unbidden play

Day comes too soon
again against my will
Since you’ve gone away

With its dull ache
my heart is a stone
marking time it keeps beating

I am left grieving here
inside my head I’m alone
wanting and needing

The chance to say
goodbye with one last kiss
and a quick embrace

I would sell my soul
to turn back time to this
just to see your face

Words on the phone long ago
are all I’m left with today
and they will have to do

If I had only known then
it was the last time I could say
how much that I love you

© zawacki 2007
November 7, 2007 for Eulala Zawacki.