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I lost my Angel

Sunday, December 25th, 2005

I lost my Angel
Here on earth
Lost her to God
For what that’s worth
Don’t cry I’m told
She was tired and old
She’s in a better place

So tell me why
I feel this way
Like all life’s colors
Have drained away
I can’t breathe
Let me grieve
Warm tears upon my face

I want to scream
Until my lungs collapse
She’s mine Goddammit
Bring her back
I’ll be a better son
I’m much too young
To never see her again

My heart beats
Though inside’s broken
My mind echoes
No words spoken
Stop the crying in my head
My Mother’s dead
I’ve lost my oldest friend

She was once
A whole world to me
The moon & stars
The laughing sea
Now forever lost
Part of the cost
To grow up into a man

I knew & loved her
For so long
Her smile, her laugh
Now she’s gone
Away from me
I’ll never understand

Why do you have
To lose some one
To realize what
You had when it’s gone
She was ready to go
Tired too, I know
But that doesn’t stop the pain

I miss my old Angel
Though I still feel her love
She watches over us now
From her place high above

In my heart I know
She can’t really go
So long as her memory remains

December 25, 2005
In memory of Eulala Zawacki
November 7, 1923- December 7, 2005
© 2005 Zawacki