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Toast To My Friends

Tuesday, January 11th, 2005

Here’s to my friends met o’er the years
we’ve shed our blood, fought past the tears
In places deep and battles bleak
With creatures names too vile to speak

In dungeons old across the seas
We warred against our enemies
To loot their gold and win their prize
With each kill we watched our levels rise

We camped these mobs despite the odds
Killed all we met and cursed their gods
Slew countless bosses from zone to zone
Hacking through their flesh and bone

Sometimes the fight was not worth the cost
Paid dearly with our Comrades lost
Friends’ faces gone from our campfires light
Forever haunting our dreams at night

We wrote those names unspoken
On our finest blades of steel
Their spirits lived unbroken
Though gone refused to yield

Each dawn awoke our desire
For battle yet again
So in the fray we threw ourselves
Renewed resolved to win

My friends for years we’ve stood side by side
Fighting back to back
But it was in the beginning we swore an oath
And made a solemn pact

To aid each other with all our might
As we grew to become the very best
With our friends help we vowed one day
We’d complete each classes epic quest

Much time has passed since we first began
with rats, bats and snakes
Those of us that lived continued on
And learned from their past mistakes

Many now are long since gone
Or have given up their one true task
But not you my friends you’ve all stood by me
Now to the very last

So on this day I toast to you all
For defeating monsters by the score
Because of you my friends today
I wield these Epic Blades of War

© Zawacki 2005 AKA Champion Thaargor Blademaster
Overlord, 66th level Warrior on Mithaniel Marr