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Don’t Slip Away

Tuesday, December 7th, 2004

It’s been a long trip for you my friend
I’m sure you’re tired at the days end
So I am not gonna ask that you stay
Though I’m not ready for you to go away

Happiness mixed in with bittersweet
Memories all failing now, lying at your feet
I hope your smiles outweigh the tears
When you think back upon all those years

Though I know you’re not in the best of health
What I would give to see you more like your old self
It doesn’t seem like you at all to want to end this way
If you’re going to go then please don’t slip away

I can’t lie and say that I won’t break down
If you leave and don’t come back around
How will my heart know it’s way home again
Once you’ve gone I’ve lost my oldest friend

Who else can claim that they were always there
Through good and bad a lifetime we did share
You gave me the courage to be just who I am
You taught me what I know to become a man

If you let go of this life with its aches and pain
I’ll miss you more then my words can explain
Though the thought of losing you I find hard to bear
To hold you here for my sake just isn’t fair

So I ask God for the strength to pray for what is best
If you decide to let go I wish you peace in your rest
Whatever choice you make now Mom I hope you know
You’re in my heart and I will always love you so

©1994 Zawacki
For Eulala Zawacki
December 7th, 2004