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Goodnight Bonnie lass

Thursday, April 3rd, 2003

Goodnight Bonnie lass
Little dog with a large heart
I know that you are with God
Lying on a comfortable couch beside my Heidi
Waiting patiently for your Master

My tears and thoughts are with you girl
Although I believe that you are in a better place
I am not comforted here without you as I feel your loss
Yet I trust in the Lord of all things and quiet my grief
With memories of our time together

In this world I linger on, shackled like a prisoner
To a place where so many friends and family have left me behind
Now I’ve lost you as well and I am alone and disconsolate
You’ve joined them in taking part of my heart with you in your leaving
And I fear there is little left to long sustain this mortal shell of mine

Though all around me is evidenced a life of promise with so much still to see
My desires have been replaced by weariness
My joy with bitter sorrow and a longing for peace
I miss you so dear Bonnie girl
Faithful loving friend with a sparkle in your eye

I know that you are with Him but
I am grieving terribly in my heart
My soul gravely wounded in your loss
So pray for me dear companion
To help dry my tears and quell this heartache

Solace comes only in the knowledge
That your love did not die with you
It lives on in me and in our memories
Because all love is a part of God’s love
Lasting forever in eternity

You are sorely missed
But not forgotten my best Best Friend
Just as all things truly loved can never be forgotten
They live on and endure
Etched in the hearts & minds of their loved ones

Time rolls on indifferent to my loss
Days continue to pass while life pushes forward
Though I am still here
They are moving without me
Because my heart is not in them

I am waiting patiently as I can, biding my time
Watching our game shows without you
Cooking for one and talking to no one
Each day blurs its shadow into the next
With no one here to listen or respond to my voice

Since you’ve gone this world has little to offer my spirit
I’ve resigned myself now to prepare for the life yet to come
Perhaps it is just a matter of time before my leaving
The Good Lord knows I am tired
Anxious to be with Him and you, contented in peace

Good bye for now Bonnie dear
With fall bearing down upon me
Already I feel a chill since summer has died
The Eightieth winter of my life is approaching
But this would seem to be the coldest I can remember

Perhaps I’ll have to turn the heat up a little more
Throw on another afghan in your absence as well
Something to hold off the chill that I feel without you
My Bonnie girl, save a place for me where my soul can find rest
I Love you and hold you always close in my heart and in my prayers

©2003 Zawacki
For Eulala Zawacki April 3, 2003