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His Heart

Thursday, July 28th, 1994

She kissed him and let him go
Silently she cried her tears of ice
And his heart was still beating
His heart was still beating in her hand

As the plane took him from her mind
he felt so high he thought he could fly
He thought he found love
and so he left his heart beating in her hand

Far away he longed for her embrace
would sell his soul to be with her again
On the phone she said they’d have their time
Then she cried her quiet tears of ice
with his heart still beating in her hand

Like a dog he begged just to see her
Emptiness consumed him like a flame
She accused his love of obsession
though she knew all along how it would end

And his heart was still beating
as she let it drop from her hand
and his heart was still beating…
his heart was still beating…
then his heart was still

© 1994 Zawacki on July 28th, 1994
for Pamela Holm


Monday, July 11th, 1994

I saw her from my window
Standing on a hill as she slowly untied her hair
The wind came to her like a lover
And softly blew around her ear

Face in the dawn, her eyes were closed
An angel frozen in a moment of time
Voice of beauty, words like music
Played upon my soul to soothe my mind

She opened her eyes and called the sun
It shined for her in an embrace
Wherever she walked it seemed to follow
It’s gentle glow around her face

Her sweet smile began the morning
And with her laughter went my heart
Our eyes met and I was lost forever
From her I could not bear to part

When she kissed me, I knew heaven
In her arms I am complete
One touch removed all inhibitions
Her love is all I’ll ever need

©1994 Zawacki on July 11th, 1994
for Pamela Holm

Cold and Blue

Saturday, July 9th, 1994

He wakes up alone
on the floor next to the phone
Soaked with perspiration
chilled to the bone

He reaches out to touch her
but she is far away
Memories come flooding back to him
then everything goes grey

Blindly stumbles to the kitchen
where the clock says 3 a.m.
Must’ve fallen asleep waiting
for her call again

So he lights his candles
and searches for a spoon
Really needs this push
so he can last another moon

You’ve got him on the edge babe
be kind and push him in
He’s balanced only slightly
don’t lead him on again

You’re playing such a cruel game
with his heart at stake
it lives and dies for your love
and each day you watch it slowly break

Now he’s curled up in the corner
holding onto your old tee shirt
and he’s shivering and he’s crying
but it doesn’t stop the hurt

He finally feels the sweet lady
as she’s sweeping through his veins
He’s slipping into blackness
where he doesn’t feel the pain

He comes to and hears her music
and rain softly hits his face
The sun is shining brightly
as his spirit leaves this place

When they found him he was still smiling
though his face was cold and blue
They said he died brokenhearted
‘Cause he never got over you

©1994 Zawacki
For Pamela Holm
July 9th, 1994