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Sweet Release

Wednesday, June 22nd, 1994

I’m ready for the next life,
someone take my ticket please
I’m so weary of this world,
I only want to be released
Seen most of the attractions,
been on the big rides twice at least
But it’s because of your rejection
that I’m begging to be released

Sweet release, that’s what I’m waiting for
Sweet release, there’s really nothin more
Released from the memory of your time with me
Christ, I’m even crying in my sleep
Will my heart ever find some peace
My spirit’s breaking, my soul lies at your feet

You knew my love was fragile
when you spoke those lies to me
It’s only since I’ve faced the truth
that I long to be released
The precious things you whispered
I believed so foolishly
Now that I know you didn’t mean them,
I only wish to be released

Sweet release, there’s nothing else for me
Sweet release, it’s all that I seek
Released from thinking about you constantly
Accept the fact that you never cared for me
My heart will never heal enough to find some peace
My spirit’s breaking, my soul lies at your feet

Still my love for you is a fire
and the flames are burning me
I can’t endure this pain,
I need to be released
Released, my heart will rest in peace
My spirit’s broken
and my soul died at your feet
Sweet release

©1994 Zawacki on June 22nd, 1994
for Pamela Holm