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The Little Runaway

Sunday, December 25th, 1983

Hungry child in the street
without shoes on his feet
His body and his soul are cold
he has no one warm to hold

There’s no Christmas for this boy
There will be no laughter and no toys
‘Cause Christmas is just another day
when you are a runaway

His memories are almost gone
of Daddy holding him all night long
Singing all those Christmas songs
about love and Santa Claus

Late one night a phone call came
his Daddy would never come again
In the line of duty on that spring day
they said his Dad had passed away

There was no where left for him to live
Since he had no other relatives
His dear Momma’s been long gone
so they put him in a foster home

But the little boy just couldn’t stay
his file was stamped as a runaway
He ran the streets into the fall
barely surviving it at all

Then winter time came again
Snow angels are his only friend
The wind and ice are bitter cold
for a young boy just eight years old

He dreams of happy times in the past
but he knows that dreams don’t last
and he peeps in windows as he passes
fogging up his broken glasses

He hears laughter fill those house’s halls
Smells of baked ham and popcorn balls
stab his empty stomach like a sword
teased with food he could not afford

He sleeps with winos in back streets
and dreams of Christmases gone by
When his stocking was full of treats
and presents were piled high

He misses both his Mom and Dad
as the snow falls so unkind
He prays to God on cold skinned knees
that one day he would find

The three of them together again
like sheep in our Lord’s fold
He got his wish last night my friend
when he froze out in the cold

© 1983 Zawacki
written by Paul Zawacki
for Johnny Everly 12/25/83