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You & I

Thursday, September 8th, 1983

I can’t seem to get you off of my mind.
I’ve been thinking about you Terri,
for such a long time.

You and me belong together like the sand and sea,
yeah like the sun and sky…
You and I.

I am yours.
Yours as much as rocks possess the earth.
I live for you
and breathe for your love alone.

Your love
gives my life it’s worth,
caressing my soul
chilling me to the bone.

I need your touch
more than a bird needs the wind to fly,
or the rivers need the rain
to keep from going dry.

You’re meant for me.
Like the stars are for the sky,
yeah like the sand and sea…
You and I.

© 1983 Zawacki 9/8/83
written for Terri Krzywicki