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On This Holiday

Monday, December 25th, 1978

On This Holiday

Even though you’re not here,
I’ll think of you.
You are constantly on my mind.
Even though you’re not here,
I love you.
Tears are often what I find.

Joy and glory are gone for good;
smiles and laughter are rare.
I hold my head up
like I know you would
If I were gone
And you were here.

You’re missed by many,
too many to name.
Everyone loves you my friend.
Your memory will forever
stay the same.
Remaining untouched ‘till the end

My heart is filled
with pain and sorrow.
Emptiness is pounding away.
Since you’ve gone
I’ve no hope for tomorrow
In truth, I’ve no wish for today

Until we meet again
This is goodbye.
I’ll think of you every day
I’ll do my best not to cry
But I know I’m gonna cry anyway.

© 1978 Zawacki
December 24 & 25, 1978
In memory of Larry Manning
April 8, 1955 – May 28, 1978